Saturday, April 28, 2012

Inspiration from Y

Inspiration from Yoda

I wonder how many other "A to Z" posts on him will be. 'Cause we all know that nobody cooler is than Master Yoda. Read did I a blog post once by a Jedi called Nathan Bransford. Verbs and subjects inverted makes a confusing sentence, a Yoda effect, says he. No good that is.  Starting a sentence with a "ing" verb this can do. Or having the subject not close to the beginning of the phrase.

Like to talk like Yoda, do you? Do it at parties and not in your writing. ;) 


  1. Good advice this is. Much inspiration have I gleaned. ;)

  2. Hmm? Putting an 'ing' verb in the front of sentences makes me hear it in a Minnesotan accent, don't ya know.

  3. I haven't actually come across anyone else who's written about Yoda today :)

    I teach Latin and am always reminding my pupils not to have a 'Yoda translation' - Latin puts the verb at the end of the sentence and I end up with a lot of literal translations if I'm not careful!

  4. Yoda is a cute little guy, but no, I've never talked in Yoda-isms. I'm saying hi, from A to Z.