Friday, April 27, 2012

Inspiration from X

Inspiration from X=Unknown

There's a lot of unknowns in life. As a teen, everything feels unknown. Where you will live, what job you will do, who you'll be with, if you'll have kids...where will you retire? Ok, maybe not all adolescents go that far.

In Matched, the first of her fabulous dystopian trilogy, Ally Condie explores these questions and twists the unknown. "Who will I marry?" becomes "I will marry someone I don't know" in this messed up utopia. Was that an oxymoron? Oh yeah.

It's interesting that a lot of unknowns have been taken out of this society. "What am I going to make for dinner?" becomes "Dinner will be delivered by the nutrition authorities." Everyone is told what to do, everything is programmed. No one should have to worry about anything, because there's a plan for everything. It's an A type personality's dream!

It sounds pretty tempting to me. I'm infamous for my hesitating and indecision. It would be so easy to just follow, to "go gently into that good night." I don't embrace unknowns, changes to my plan, words not written on my list.

But what if all the unknowns were taken away? Always knowing what X equals. No surprises in the mailbox from an old family friend. No beautiful unplanned son. No unexpected career change. No move to another country. Just life, colored inside the lines, neat and square.

I guess I like not knowing what X equals.

BTW, the last book of this trilogy, Reached, comes out November 13, 2012!!


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