Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inspiration from U

Inspiration from the Universe...Across the Universe

I love science fiction. I love dystopias. I love romance. I love stories set in space. So a science fiction/dystopia out in the universe...with romance? Oh yeah!

This is Beth Revis' debut novel, Across the Universe. Here's the description: "A love out of time. A spaceship built of secrets and murder. When Amy is frozen aboard the interstellar spaceship Godspeed, she expects to be woken in 300 years on a new planet. Instead, someone wakes her up early…and if Amy doesn’t figure out soon, the next people woken up might not survive–including her parents."

I enjoyed how the chapters switch between the main characters, Amy and Elder, so we can hear their first-person point of views. The romance is very compelling; in my opinion, it's geared for slightly older teens. It's also neat to hear (see video to the left) that part of Beth's inspiration came from real life; a small farming town! The contrast with the spaceship is fabulous. Thank goodness the sequel, A Million Suns, came out in January 2012, 'cause I can't wait to read more!

It's inspiring to me to keep an eye out for new books and authors, see what they are doing and cheer them on. A great blog, to which Beth contributes, is The League of Extraordinary Writers. Do you have any other new books or authors that have swept you off your feet?

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  1. That...is not what I thought that book was about. Very interesting.