Thursday, April 19, 2012

Inspiration from Q

Inspiration from Quentin

My last name is Quentin. Actually, it isn't. It's my husband's. He lets me use it though. It is now the name of our little family, tying all of us together. People in France connect me to my husband's whole family. Lots of people don't know me but recognize me from this connection. My friends here only know me by this name.

Before, my last name was actually my father's. But he let me use it until I found a new one. And I still keep it as my name, my very special maiden name. Around my hometown, people connect me to my dad and grandpa through this name. Some even go back to my great-grandpa and will ask if the old orchard is still a family business. In the bigger city, people connect me to my mom through my name. They ask if I've helped her at births, if my kids were born at home, about homeschooling, nutrition and all the other subjects for which my mom is known.

Writers talk about first names: their signification, their ethnicity, etc. But what does the character's last name mean to them and to others? Hint: ask Romeo and Juliette ;)


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