Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Inspiration from J

Inspiration from Joy

Kalabrien Ricadi Sandwellen 2129
I tried to stop my head from running though the list. Walk back up the dune, change diapers, drive two hours home, unpack the car, give babies baths, make dinner, babies in bed. Eventually, I'd need to vacuum the sand out of the car. There was sand in my hair; I'd need to wash it. There was sand in shoes, in the camera, in the leftover quiche.
My son was running up and down the beach, carefree, no list in his head. He squealed and chased the waves. He laughed and picked up seashells. His blue-striped shirt made him seem part of the scenery. His joy was pure and sincere; a little boy enjoying the sun and sea. He makes me ashamed of my adulthood that worries about the future and obsesses over the past.

I am reminded of the autobiography of a favorite author, Elizabeth Goudge. She called it the Joy of the Snow, after seeing the daughter of a friend playing outside under the snowflakes. The little girl wasn't thinking of the muddy mess that would be on the floor, the load of dirty laundry, the chapped cheeks and cold fingers, the spilled hot chocolate. She just saw the joy of the snow. My son just saw the joy of the sand.

I want to live like that, in the moment, being inspired by life; by the little joys, by the rain, by a piece of music or by the sky, as Joshua talks about here.

What simple joys do find around you? Things that could be annoyances unless you look at the bigger picture?


  1. Great post....something we all need to be reminded of.

  2. This has not been the best week for joy. Maybe tonight. Not sure. And the sky is clear today, so no inspiration there.

  3. What is Latin for seize the joy? Hoping your week gets better!