Monday, April 9, 2012

Inspiration from H

Inspiration from Heartbeat.

I had never read a book by Sharon Creech. I had never read a book in free verse. I had never read a kid's book that dealt so deeply and so well with big questions, the ones my inner eight-year-old self still asked. And I had never been so inspired to be a children's author. I wanted to write a book like that.

Heartbeat talks about a twelve year-old girl, Annie, who compares life to her art project, which is to draw the same apple every day for one hundred days; the same, but different every time. Another subject is her love of running, her feet making a constant pounding heartbeat. Maybe the one thing that is constant as her grandparents age, her mother is pregnant, her friendships change...and life goes on.

On her website, Sharon talks about her inspiration for Heartbeat. The art project idea was one her daughter had been given. The subjects of old age and infancy, and finding your place, just to see it evolve and change, were taken from her life as well. These were questions that Sharon remembered from childhood and asked as she herself became a grandparent.

She says, "Like Annie, I used to run for the pure pleasure of running. It made me feel free, and it calmed my mind. I no longer run very much, but I take long walks, and it is often during these walks that an idea for a scene or a whole book will arise." 

What questions do you ask yourself about life? At what age? Because of a specific event? 


  1. I'm constantly thinking about life, my past, my future, my goals... it's all one big cycle circulating through my head ;) I think I need to learn how to turn it off for awhile... ;)

    Great post :D

    1. Uh, I know what you mean. My pitfall is the "what if's" from my past. I'm pretty sure dozens of parallel worlds exist with all the possible conclusions to my life! Thanks for commenting!

    2. Uh, I know what you mean. My pitfall is the "what if's" in my past. I'm sure there are dozens of parallel worlds out there with all the possible conclusions to my life ;)