Friday, April 6, 2012

Inspiration from F

Inspiration from Fromage

(Inspirational thanks for this post goes to Joshua at Vive le Nerd, who wrote a great cheese post here.)

I live in France. To quote the film French Kiss, the French have a whole relationship with dairy products. Luckily, I'm happy to pretended I am française and eat tons of cheese.

What is amazing is the variety of cheeses found in France. Different regions, different processes, different bacteria growing in ancient caves, different milks, different seasons, different aging times, different added flavors from ashes to pepper corns, different ways of cooking.

Here's a few examples that I love!

Langres is made from unpasteurised cow milk in Champagne-Ardenne, aged for 5 weeks. It is firm, then gets softer and runnier, with a stronger flavor as it ages. My parent-in-law saw that I liked this beautiful orange cheese and made sure that we had it for our wedding. Awww.

Tomme de brebis basque
Brebis Basque is a whole variety of sheep cheese from the south western tip of France, next to Spain. The picture is of a Tomme. My favorite are the ones made from spring milk. The fresh flavors of sweet grass make amazing cheese. You have to try it on a slice of country bread, with a bit of pimento jelly from the town of Espelette.
Camembert de Normandie
Camembert de Normandie is a creamy, white rind cheese comes from Normandy. In France, it's made from unpasteurized cow's milk. What you find in the USA is generally industrialized stuff that has been cooked all the bacteria out of its life. Shameful. Here, we buy camembert in round wood boxes and put it on the barbecue until it's melty runny. Delicious.

Then there's always a good Morbier. That melty yellowish inside, the crusty rind, the thin blue line in the middle.  It comes from the Jura mountains in the east of France. It is also made from raw cow's milk, aged for up to three months.
And let's not forget all the goat cheese...runny, hard, creamy and dry, fresh and aged. Yes, people say it tastes like goats. But it's amazing fresh in olive oil and pinenuts, dry in a green salad or creamy spread on bread. 

Goat cheeses
 So what's the application to writing? To life? DIVERSITY! Splendid variety! Maybe you're tired of reading or writing one genre - that's why there's lots of them.There's thousands of cool words to discover, so don't use the same clichés. Explore the world's cultures and foods to spark your imagination!
(WARNING: I gained 5 pounds the first month or so that I was in France. 
Use extreme caution when sampling all the varieties ;)


  1. I just ate lunch...and now I'm sooooo hungry!

    Thanks for the mention. I love me some cheese. Strike that, I love a lot of cheese in one sitting.

    1. ;) I thought of you as we had a 2 hour layover in your city yesterday!

  2. mmmm. I love foodie posts. I'm going to have to try a few of these :-)

    1. Hope you can find them! Thanks for coming by!