Thursday, March 15, 2012

Inspiration from History

What year was the Battle of Waterloo?

Henry the 8th had how many wives?

Who were Louis and Clark?

Do you love history? Do you jump all over those questions? Or do you hear the drone of lost centuries lulling you to sleep over a history textbook pillow?

The gorgeous Diane
My little sister is staying with us, helping out with kiddos and dishes (bless her!) She's homeschooled, so during naptime she gets out her math and practices her piano. Since she's visiting France, her literature and history lovin' sis (me!) is filling her up on French "stuff." We found a book at the library, "Petites Histoires de l'Histoire de France," which is full of stories of kings, famous women, explorers, assassinations, scandals, etc. What is great is that it is written with a "fiction" kind of allure, telling stories of behind the scenes and private lives. It's interesting non-fiction!

My sis is finding it pretty inspiring and doing her assignments with gusto. "Did you know Charlemagne didn't let his adored daughters get married, but he let them have affairs, then when he died, their brother became king and sent them all to a convent? Freaky!" she rambles. When studying Henri II, she looked up portraits of Diane de Poitiers, photos of the chateaux Chenonceau and Chaumont, read about the Protestant Hugenots and then got all excited reading that the replica of the urn of Henri II's heart was in the Louvre.

Do you find history inspiring your writing? Researching the era, the area or a person who your characters might have met? Dig in - it's pretty inspiring stuff!    



  1. I don't use history in my writing, but I can't see how we can understand the present without understanding the past.

  2. I love history, but my fiction is contemporary. Though my first novel did use history from the Bible.

  3. I LOVE history. I don't really have any in the work that I do, but am an avid watcher of the history channel :)

  4. I really enjoy history there is so much there that can expand our understanding of the world. Mostly, I would love to go back in time and see history happening, but I'll settle for historic sites instead.

  5. Hi - great to meet you - am pottering around the A-Z list. I always find the early 1900 Paris inspiring - Picasso and his band of naughty artists... I could read about them for hours :)

  6. Cool blog-found you through the A-Z list. Good luck with the Challenge.