Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest Post by Joshua

Our guest poster is Joshua from Vive le Nerd, where I find lots of laughs as well as zany writing points, sci-fi trivia, geek stuff, etc. In addition to this blog, Twitter, and being a husband and father, he is also a freelance copyeditor and writer. Caffeine, candy, and sweets are his vices. Thanks again, Joshua, for sharing your contemplations with us today!

Inspiration from Above

When I was a kid, I would lie on my back in the grass and stare up into the sky. Back then it was less about inspiration than it was about dreaming about being up in space, traveling amongst the stars. Not a lot has changed in that respect.

I spend a lot of time looking into the sky.

Free time is in short supply these days, but I do spend a little time every day watching the sky.

Some days are light and fleeting, filled with stories that are fun and equally as light.

Some days are mysterious, bringing stories with depth and enigma.

Some days bring nothing, the sky too empty, the sun so bright that it blinds my mind’s eye, too.

But then…my all-time favorite sight...

And when I see this, I dream in post-apocalyptic landscapes. I don’t see mushroom clouds, but there is the explosion of heat and destruction. If cars make it into the picture, they’re deserted, or rusted out, or burnt to a crisp.

Every day on my way home from work, I wait on the overpass to get to the interstate, and I turn to my left. Instead of checking the flow of the traffic I’m about to enter, I’m watching the sky. I’m releasing the strain of the day and shrugging work off my shoulder. I’m looking for an idea. For me, it can be found in those clouds.

Of course, I still dream about soaring off into the stars.

Not a lot has changed.


  1. Thanks for the pleasure of guesting here, Jenna. (This is my obligatory comment so I can subscribe if anyone else should comment. Hope you're well, and Baby Maya, and the rest of the family, too!)

  2. So now we know what's "up" with the clouds. I share your enthusiasm for the sky and always have my camera in the car with me so I can shoot the world against the backdrop of the sky. And when the sun is setting and it's particularly striking, I have my son drive and we go "chasing sunsets" I've gotten some spectacular photos that way.

  3. Anne - Now I can't wait for The Girl to be able to drive so I can do this. Excellent!!!

  4. awww! love it!
    and anne's chasing sunsets as well!

  5. This is so awesome. Josh, thanks for writing this. You have this way of writing that makes me feel calm and reflective and inspired. I can't thank you enough for that.

  6. vic - Agreed.

    B - Well thank you very much. And you're welcome.

  7. Wonderful post...and a great way of releasing the stresses of a work day...just remember to keep your eyes on the road too! :)

  8. Stephanie - I make it a habit to not look at clouds when the car is in motion, lest I get too daydreamy.

  9. Great post. :) The sky can be amazing to watch!

  10. Golden Eagle - Agreed. Thanks for popping over here.