Saturday, January 7, 2012

Inspiration, Wonder and Amazement

Everyone says, Connect with your inner child, See life through a child's eyes, Stop and smell the roses etc.etc.etc. We start nodding absent-mindedly as we calculate the price of groceries, estimate when the gas bill will come, wonder if car insurance will go up, remember the cat's vaccine appointment, make a list for tomorrow...

We walk through the little village square. We hurry home with the blood results from the lab, on to lunch and naps and ironing. And then the two-year-old stops in his tracks. He won't move. His face is lit with amazement and wonder.

"Yeah, it's a Christmas tree," we say. "And Christmas is over now." We tug on his hand. The thing isn't even decorated and there are dozens of them wired to the drain pipes all over Montpon.

What does he see?

A hovering tree.

He looks underneath it. It is definitely not touching the ground; no trunk or roots connecting it to the earth. It's just hanging there, two feet off the ground. He doesn't yet know what gravity is, but he understands it's power on everything around him. Well, everything except this tree.

And suddenly, we see it too.

It's a magical hovering Christmas tree.


  1. Don't forget the giraffes and zebras floating by as clouds.

    Yes, the world is full of magic, if we only let ourselves see it.

    Happy New Year, Jenna!

  2. It's fun to see the world through our children's eyes. Helps us stop and see. My week has been sort of filled with lists this week. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Lovely post. My world has become much more interesting and beautiful because of the way my kids look at it.

  4. That's so fantastic! :) I love it, kids are so amazing, aren't they? Hovering Christmas trees!

  5. That's what I love about children. The magic.

  6. Ah, if it weren't for children in our lives, we'd miss so much!