Saturday, January 28, 2012

Inspiration: Stranger Than Fiction

My husband spotted the DVD. "Isn't that one of your movies?"

L'Incroyable Destin de Harold Crick?

Yes! BUY IT!!!

The original English title is Stranger Than Fiction, with Will Ferrel, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman, and a few more big names. Though it's the characters and their situations that I love. An ordinary boring man who starts hearing his life narrated to him, a writer with a serious ten-year case of writer's block and a hilarious dry-humored literature professor who lends a hand. I won't tell you more ("Spoilers, sweetie!" says Doctor River Song), except that I love every second of this film - there's even pastries! It makes me think a lot about the writing/plotting process, how we research ideas, and even the meaning of life.

So if you're a writer, a boring ordinary person, a lit professor, a bus driver, a little boy on a bike, a secretary, a baker/p√Ętissier, an IRS agent or an adult who never go to go to space camp...take the time to watch Stranger Than Fiction this weekend! Here's the first couple minutes...hope you're inspired ;) 


  1. I love this movie too! Will Ferrel's best role. So weird to see him as a boring, humorless guy. This post makes me want to watch it again. " 'Little did he know'? I taught a course on 'little did he know.'"

    1. Definitely agree it's his best! Anyone can do stupid, but it takes a really funny person to be uninteresting like that!

  2. Never heard of this, but now I want to see it. Thanks for the video clip.

  3. This is my favorite movie. And there are so many quotable lines.

    "Would that be the letter that begins "Dear Imperialist Swine?'"

  4. Never heard of this one. Totally want to see it now.

  5. This looks an interesting film-must see if I can find the rest of it.

  6. Yes I found it a bizarrely compelling film, too.