Saturday, December 17, 2011

No inspiration at all...

Here's a little heads-up; I won't be posting until the Tuesday after New Year's (whatever date that is ;) We'll be spending Christmas in Orléans with my parents-in-law (chimney, bathtub, childcare, date with our best friends, gourmet French may envy me!)

With the youth group Christmas party I'm hosting today, a church celebration tomorrow, finishing making homemade gifts, packing up etc, I've got no inspiration from ANYWHERE (though something from Mad Max is brewing).

So I'll just ask this question; what do you do when nothing inspires you? Not exactly writer's block, but just blockheaded-I-can't-think-anymore? Tea/coffee? Friends? Walks?


  1. Taking a walk is great or going to an art gallery. have a nice, festive break, see ya back at the blog after new years!

  2. Have a great Christmas! :)

    I read a book or watch a movie. Sometimes that helps to spark something in me. Or I clean. My family likes those days.

  3. Have a fun Christmas!
    I've been struggling with that, trying to think of a storyline for my third book. You just have to be aware of everything around you, because the smallest thing may spark an idea.

  4. Tap in to your environmental senses... sight, smell, sound, taste, feeling - something is bound to happen!

  5. Aloha Jenna,

    Before I forget..JoyX and Noël is a good kid, but no one understands him, et bonne année body out there???

    So, where was I? Oh distractions that could lead to inspiration.... I'm going to say I like Mish's response above me... you live in France, dude-ette, and OMG that must be a wonderful, inspiring place to write...

    Sure, it's depressing to hear again and again "write what you know" but I'm *having a blast* "vomitting" all my week's "work" as i try to raise these two mini-munchkins ;)

  6. @Mark Koopmans

    France is inspiring my book, from people to places and food - love it! But it also slows me down with all the red tape, slow-paced life etc (a Brit friend told me "plan to do get one thing done per week, no per day!"

    Life crowds out the blogging braincells and there isn't anything very interesting to say! Mini-munchkins are great for inspiration and perspiration too.

    I love all these suggestions - great for everyone to share!

  7. @Alex J. Cavanaugh

    Good luck with the book! Plotting is always tough for me. I love your suggestion - I'm always jumping off the couch during a film, or scribbling something down from a conversation. I don't like it when the flow of ideas isn't there on the day I want to blog or get a good word count in on the WIP, though!! Uusally try to have a reserve of notebooked ideas!

  8. Merry ChristaHanaKwanzakuh! Enjoy the break.

  9. It's good to stop and let the batteries re-charge. Have a Cool Yule