Saturday, December 10, 2011

Inspiration from Authors

Today, I thought I'd share my relaxing Saturday with you and we'd goof-off watching youtube videos. Since we are always doing researching (right, pumpkin?), they'll be writing advice of the most serious sort from top-notch authors, James Scott Bell, Neil Gaiman and Stephanie Meyers. Ok, more or less serious ;)

By the way, I just finished reading Coraline by Neil Gaiman in French. Hey, my small village library doesn't have any English books! It was fabulously creepy and even in the translation, gave me a great sense of a very neat style!
Anywho, enjoy the clips!



  1. You found some awesome clips there! I love it! I wish I searched you tube for more stuff like this. It's so awesome. You have inspired me :)

  2. Some nice advice there :) I particularly like James Scott Bell's - very helpful. I'm a new follower :)

  3. @Leigh Covington
    I'm glad you enjoyed them! Sometimes I just need a little pro pick-me up to say "Get back to work!" So I go search youtube ;) Nice to meet you!

  4. @Nick Hight

    I went to a workshop my James Scott Bell - great author and person! Nice to meet you - thanks for coming by!