Monday, November 7, 2011

Inspired by Anniversaries

Hey, so I forgot the post on Saturday - but I have the excellent excuse that we were celebrating our little guy's second birthday. My Luca inspires me to be and do so much! Remembering his home birth in our living room, brought up a lot of subjects for thought.

Have you had an recent anniversary of an event that challenged or inspired you?


  1. Forget about my anniversary...I'm thinking about your home birth. Was it planned? Or was it a...Yikes! He's coming out NOW!?

  2. The home birth was planned. I had a French midwife who did my prenatals and assisted at the birth, and my mom, who is also a midwife, delivered her first grandson. After twelve hours of labor, (with some time in a warm tub, swaying to Michael Bublé, walking around the apartment, resting next to my husband between contractions) I had a beautiful natural birth. France has very few home births (about 1%) which is odd for a European country, so I was really grateful to be able to have this experience! One which I'll hopefully be repeating in February...

  3. Happy birthday luca-lu!!

    Aunt Charity