Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inspiration from Speeches

  "Four score and seven years ago..."

So begins President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. It was not the main event of the ceremony, but is regarded as one of the most famous of speeches. This video introduced me to a speech by Charlie Chaplain from the film The Great Dictator. Below is a recording of a speech by King George VI. I am amazed and the relevancy and power of these speeches. Oh to write such words that endure and continue to inspire!

You know the times where you remember exactly what your mom/aunt/grandad said to you? Maybe it wasn't a famous oration, but it touched you and you never forgot. I want to use words to have that kind of effect.

I'm thinking through some dialogue, wanting to avoid the easy clichéd phrases that come to mind. I think I'll study some dialogues and monologues in preparation for my character's big speech scene.

What is your favorite speech? Was it given by a famous person, or just given to just you by a friend/relative?  

p.s. On Friday, I'll be guest posting on Misha Gericke's blog - don't miss it!


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