Thursday, November 10, 2011

Inspiration from Physical Pain

I'm a whiner.

Oh, I usually have a good enough reason (that paper cut was a doozy ;). Still, it's not an excuse to let everyone around me (i.e. the hubby) know what doesn't feel right. 

Being 26 weeks pregnant (third trimester, depending who you ask), I could feel justified in my whining. This little kiddo has a mean left hook and I'm pretty sure favors the tango over the foxtrot (like Mama). Instead, I think I'll use the experience and sensations to write a new short story, possibly for Daily Science Fiction.

A little while ago, I read a blog post (with advice on a hooking first chapter) by Beth Revis on the League of Extraordinary Writers, where she talks about digging her fingers in her characters wounds. She that she "...described every hurt and pain as graphically as I could. They get cut, I dig my fingers in their wounds, making it worse and worse. And if it wasn't bad enough? I poured salt on top of the wounds, too."

Great advice. But do you know what it feels like to have salt poured on that particular kind of wound? Yes? Hurray!

Using an uncomfortable or painful experience to widen our knowledge and expression in writing, is a great way to deal with it, may even a way to enjoy it. Have you had a surgery? What did it feel like to wake up from general anesthesia? Can you explain the emotions you felt seeing your newborn child after a hard labor (for men or women!)? When you smashed your finger in the car door  is throb the best word to describe the pain? Where are your migraines centered or what triggers them?     

Have you turned your pain into gain? Or did you use the experience to help someone else going through the same thing?


  1. Haven't turned it into a measurable gain. Not yet, anyway.

    Also, whine away, just make sure you do it with a good cheese.

  2. Wow, sounds pretty busy, but your candor is admirable:) Neat blog!