Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inspiration from the Muppets

The economy, the boss, the pitiful Christmas "bonus."

Agents, publishing houses, critques, rejections.

Dishes, laundry, runny noses, groceries, bills, dirty bathrooms.

Sometimes you just need a frog and a pig and a whatever to make you smile. Sometimes it's an incomprehensible Swedish chef that makes your day. Sometimes you just need Electric Mayhem. 'Cause sometimes you need someone to say "You can't take no for an answer."

We've been reevaluating our finances, our choices for our family, our careers. Being a full-time mom doesn't pay a lot of euros, doncha know! Adding 700 words yesterday to my WIP, the Magicless, is great, but it's still a ways away from being a successful writer. My husband's Health, Safety and Quality job in a small town factory is great, but there's not a lot of future there. So do I become a part-time worker, mom, writer? Maybe. Full-time worker, mom and no-time writer? I dunno. Do we look for a different H&S job. Possibly.

All I know, is I can't take no for an answer...and I think the kiddo is going to watch the Muppets while Mommy writes...

What are you going to keep fighting for?


  1. Sometimes it's hard to strike the right balance. There are days where I can get up at 5:30am, get everyone out the door by 6:40, get to work by 7, work for 9 hours, sit in traffic, get the kids, make dinner, get them to bed at 8pm, clean up, and then get some writing in. And some days the writing falls to the side. Here's hoping you strike the balance.

  2. I've been there, as have, and are, thousands of others trying to make it as a writer, painter, muscian. Whatever choice you make, you'll keep writing if it remains your dream. No one can tell you what to do; they can only say what they think. As long as your husband is okay with your staying home and writing, do it. But, you've got to write hard, giving it everything you've got. This is your chance. It may be your only chance at fulltime writing.

  3. I AM truly blessed! Here's to all of us doing a juggling act!