Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Inspiration from Creepy Legends

In reading my local magazine, Le P'tit Cagouillard (the roughly "the Little Snaily"), I came across an article talking about the Bermuda Triangle. It talked about the odd events that have occurred there, such as the disappearance of the USS Cyclops and a training flight of TBM Avenger bombers that went missing called Flight 19. The article offered several possible scientific explanations including methane hydrates causing dangerous gas bubbles.

It's interesting how legends and tall tales and mysterious stories can be used as inspiration. The Bermuda Triangle has had numerous books and films such based off of it, as a 2009 British-Australian film, The Triangle.

Is it the mélange of folklore and the smidgens of science that make a legend alluring? You could start with a scientist who goes to prove what really happened, throw in a monster or some mermaids, wrap some mist around and have the scientist come out with a story no one will believe...or start with someone who believes it and then finds the real hard evidence of an amazing branch of science that no one has ever explored, which goes on to cure cancer.

What makes science fiction interesting and difficult is this possible explanation. Will your hold water? Do you have a magical/amazing/creepy enough setting or tall tale? Then let that imagination run wild..;;

So what do you think is going on in the Bermuda Triangle?


  1. You know what should happen? They should make the TARDIS get pulled into the Bermuda Triangle. That would be fantastic. Then we would know about the Bermuda Triangle.

    OH! That's probably what happened to Amelia Earhart! She got stuck in the Bermuda Triangle and The Doctor pulled her out, but had to plant her somewhere else because it had been so long since she went missing. Or something. I know he's a master of time and space (with relative dimensions and all), but there would have to be some loophole that he couldn't just rescue her and drop her off somewhere safe in her same timeline. You'll recall what happened during THE WATERS OF MARS special when he tried to save those astronauts.

    Sorry...this comment went off the rails.

  2. Time is very tricksy!! Like the Doctor at Pompeii (still don't think that was his fault).

    The Bermuda Triangle definitely has something Tardis-y going on! But evidently, lots of inspiration comign out of it too, so I guess I won't write a story fixing it. Who knows the possible implications!