Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Third week of the RULE OF THREE!!!

Today, I continue in the Rule of Three Blogfest hosted by Damyanti @ Amloki, J.C. Martin @ Fighter Writer, Lisa Vooght @ Flash Fiction and Stuart Nager @ Tale Spinning. You can follow other bloggers' stories from links on their blogs and also on twitter under #REN3.
Here are links to the first part of the story and second part, focusing on Pierre and Chloé, characters from my work in progress, the Magicless. This third week, it's Sandrine's turn. Then next week will be the finale!
The prompt I used is "a long kept secret is revealed" and the word count is 555. I think I should clarify that this is more of a middle grade than young adult/adult story, as it follows characters from my WIP. I haven't seen any other MG writers in the blogfest, but I'd love to hear from you if you write MG too! I welcome any thoughts you want to share! 

“I guess I do have to figure out specifically how to make magic,” Sandrine conceded. She picked grass off the little flowers of her dress and started walking back toward the bakery. She found this town charming, with its window box geraniums and ancient slopping roofs covered in wood slats. But she remembered where she had left her father; the oppressiveness of miles of dirt overhead, stale air and dim light, the seeping refuse of a city that had forgotten about this ghost metro station. He wasn't the only one being detained by the Sixth Republic. Nor was she the only one without magic.

The others raced to catch up with her skipping step. “ A viper bite wasn't enough? Now what are you doing?” Chloé scolded her.

“I've been bitten by lots of things. Mom says I don't pay attention.”

“Got that right,” Pierre huffed.

Sandrine turned. “You realize this is the very first clue we've gotten? Whatever this village's secret, I'm gonna find it and announce it to the world.”

The blond bakery girl was waiting by the metal terrace chairs of her shop. “Salut, I wondered if you three would be back...but then, there being three of you and all, of course.”

Sandrine tilted her head to one side. “Salut, so three is pretty important here?”

“Let's stay on course,” Pierre said. He smiled and sat down smoothly across from the girl. “What's your name, ma belle?”

Sandrine ignored him. “Does the number three have anything to do with how you make magic?”

“'Cause we know that you do; don't try to deny it,” Chloé added.

“My name is Claire,” she said, keeping eye contact with the two girls staring down at her. “And Renaissance doesn't try to hide that we make magic. Recently, more people have wandered in here, like zombies, with their magic gone or depleted. I can't imagine is going on in the outside world! We just wait for visitors to ask or need help before we tell them. It has to come from you.”

Sandrine pulled another chair over, the grating of metal on cobblestone making Chloé and Pierre flinch. “Chloé and I both got magic from a hug. That isn't unusual in Renaissance?”

Claire laughed. “Nope. And you can do it again...anywhere!”

Sandrine leaned forward. “You were right; things are messed up out there. There are people deliberating destroying others' magic; people can't learn, grow or create. Those zombie people? They're everywhere. Even Pierre here had his magic taken. And the Sixth Republic is searching for me because...I was born magicless.”

“Sandrine!” Chloé stepped on her friend's foot.

“She has got timing,” Pierre muttered.

But the shocking revelation didn't seem to have an effect on Claire. “Lots of people in Renaissance were born without it.”

Sandrine sat back. “We say that only a person born magicless can discover how to make magic. That's why they've been hunting me, why my father was taken, why we are on this journey...”

That did surprise Claire. The four teens didn't speak for a moment. Sandrine twisted a fuzzy curl around her finger then said, “You still didn't answer me; what does the number three have to do with your magic?”

Here's a link to the conclusion so you don't have to search ;)


  1. Ah, sometimes on a quest it is best to keep your guard up and mind your surroundings. They had better hope Claire is on the side of the angels ... or at least not on the Dark Side! Great entry. You certainly know how to keep us guessing, Roland

  2. Not sure what happened to my comments on the previous entries, but I'm enjoying this story. Can't wait for next week's conclusion.

  3. This is so cool! I can't wait to see the significance of the number three. Awesome play on the rule of three. ^_^

  4. I've decided something. I really like Sandrine's character. Your tying in with the number three is ingenious, I might add. :)

  5. Making my rounds of the 3rd week entries :-) Will be interesting to see what the link with the number 3 turns out to be!

  6. Joshua: I haven't seen any of your other comments - some glitch? Glad it's working now - thanks for reading!

    David: Glad you like Sandrine. I was hoping she wouldn't show her annoying side too much (she's like that ;)

    Thanks for the comments - totally pysched that the three thing went! Can't wait to read everyone's conclusions!

  7. rule of three RULES!!!

    REALLY looking forward to week four.

    co-host #REN3
    Tale Spinning

  8. I am sorry, I missed out earlier but went back and and like the others I find Sandrine the most interesting...and I like your take on both the magicless finding magic in themselves and also the relation to 3.

  9. Nice story! Looking forward to the conclusion :)

  10. The only advantage to having arrived so late is that I don't have to wait as long for the conclusion. Look forward to seeing how you wrap this up in the next day or two!