Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rule of Three week two!

Welcome to another installment of the Rule of Three Blogfest story! The prompt I chose for this week is "someone is killed/almost killed" and the word count is 593. Enjoy and be sure to click on the badge to the left to find links to other bloggers' Rule of Three stories, or on Twitter see #REN3! Here's the link to the first part of the story, in case you missed it.

“This journey is all about you, so do we go back to the bakery or get back on the road?” Chloé bobbed her head towards Sandrine. “Are you actually thinking about your mission. Working on solving it?”

Sandrine fidgeted. “Pierre is just as magicless as me now. Why can't he figure it out?” She rolled onto her stomach, mindless of the ensuing grass stains on her tunic dress. “Hey, a little garter snake!”

Chloé rolled her eyes. Why had she taken pity on these two and offered to travel with them? She knew the answer without searching; they had no magic and she did. Who could learn, create, or grow anything without magic? Without her, they would already have been caught and turned into lab rats, or worse, Sandrine's “mission” be exploited.

Chloé opened her mouth to remind them how important she was to them, when Sandrine screamed.

“Ah! It bit me!” Sandrine writhed on the grass clutching her hand.

“Idiot!” Chloé knelt beside her, unsure what to do. Snake bites never happened in her part of the city. The tip of her index finger glowed hot pink, but she didn't touch her friend.

Pierre stomped on the small black and yellow viper. “Use your magic!”

“Um, duh. To do what? Create an anti-venom? From what? Sandrine, shut up!”

Sandrine gulped and calmed. “I can't die yet...” she whispered.

Chloé felt a movement behind her. A stroller with a toddler was parked there. The young mom dropped to her knees beside her. “You're gonna be ok, honey. Does she like compliments? Hugs?” She looked into Chloé's eyes.

“What kind of question is that?” Chloé threw her hands up. The woman didn't move. “Ok, I'd say yes, she's kind of a hug person.”

The mom motioned to Sandrine. “So what are you are waiting for exactly?”

Chloé hesitated; she hadn't done much anatomy or magical theory, but she didn't understand how this would help. Sandrine's freckles looked darker and beads of sweat shone on her pale skin, but her brown eyes looking into Chloé's were full of trust. Pierre kneed Chloé in the back. She swallowed a retort and leaned over her friend. “I don't know what I'm doing but...” She pulled Sandrine's thin shoulders to her.

Flashes of hot pink and white light burst over them. Chloé ducked protectively over Sandrine until she recognized the warmth, relief and joy that rushed over her as the sparks sank into her back. “What the...magic? My magic?”

The young mom stood up and . “Not unless yours comes in two colors; the white is hers, no? She'll be fine now. Are you some of Renaissance's newcomers?”

Pierre closed his gaping mouth and then tried to respond. “Bu...ah...she's magicless.”

The young woman laughed and started pushing her stroller back to the gravel path. “In Renaissance, that's ok.”

Sandrine sat up, rubbing her hand and staring at what looked like two evenly placed mosquito bites. “All three hundred and thirty-three people are magicless?”

Chloé stared at the crumbs of their pastries, the paper sack and the dead viper.“So everyone is magicless, but they deal with it?”

“So I'm done with my mission? We can go home?” Sandrine stood up and did a victory-dance of ballet moves with jazz hands, finishing break-dance style on the ground.

Her mood swings still surprised Chloé. “I agree with Pierre; we need to stay here and figure out what's going on.”

Here's a link to the third part, 'cause it's a pain to go searching!


  1. Love the name Chloé.

    And I agree with her. This story is heading to an interesting place. Better stay put until they figure out what's going on (be back next week)!

  2. Three very interesting characters. They're on a journey, but do they even know where to?

  3. Hmm... I'm still wondering what's going on. Will be back next week. :-)

  4. Yeah, I'm right there with you Misha. If Sandrine is still magic-less, then just what was the white light? ;)

  5. Nice sense of mystery and tension.Interested to see where this is going. You've succeeded in creating realistic and interesting dialogue.

  6. Interesting! I love your characters, they're all engaging. :)

  7. Seems like magic is normal and its absence in Ren is weird for Sandrine and Pierre, yes? Curious also if the snake will do more.

    see you next week!

  8. What IS going on? White lights and no magic? Hmmm.

  9. Thanks for the encouragement! It's been fun to read others and do lots of brainstorming for my own!

  10. Seems like they're bringing a little magic to Renaissance :-)

  11. Lots of directions you can go with this :-)) Also wondering if the snake has any future implications, or if it's just a catalyst. I guess we'll all tune in to find out...

  12. I'm wondering about the snake too. Waiting for the next episode :)

  13. I'm agreeing with everyone else...what is going on and to where?

  14. Magic-less residents and little biting snakes? This story is really interesting. I look forward to next week's installment.

  15. Glad my plot is a little less see-through than usual ;) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!