Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Inspiring Little Freak

Gracie is my ten year-old sister. She's very good at being the most annoying thing. She makes me crazy! And I love her to pieces. (You should know, I have sisters. I've got one older sis and six younger. Yup. They are a defining part of my past and future - they're my bestest forever friends and worstest ever enemies.)

Gracie has fine hair that waves and curls in feathery wisps. She has splotchy brown freckles on her nose, and big brown eyes. She's feminine, and had a dress from France that she literally lived in the year she was four. She has written dozens of stories. She is dreamy, preoccupied and doesn't usually answer a question directly. She never walks, she dances. She is a pill. She is precocious. She is selfish, not in a mean way, but in honestly thoughtless one. She has annoyingly bad timing. She is very winning and charming and clever. She'll get her way before you realize what she wanted. She conquers strangers' hearts and makes her family roll their eyes. She's one of those kids that you just know is special. She's Gracie.

I'm not sure the exact reason why, but she is the inspiration for the main character of my work in progress. I'm trying to make Sandrine as adorable and annoying as my sister. But Gracie lives 5,000 miles away, so I have to skype her to work on ideas, or just get a feel for her. (If she's reading this, I love you, baby sister!)

Who is your inspiration? For a specific character or for your writing/life in general?


  1. I love how you've created a complex character our of her! Most writers would only focus on the good or the bad, but by giving us a little bit of both you've created a complex character that we can relate to!

  2. That's awesome! Got to admire the sibling love. My inspiration? I'll have to point at my wife for that one. Best. Person. Ever! :)

    Thanks for the follow!

  3. I've found that in life, there are always several faces beneath the mask you are looking at. Great post. Where is your RULE OF 3 entry? Roland

  4. Jan: Gracie is a fan of yours and she about peed her pants that you commented on her ;) The perks of having famous author friends!

    David: Awww. Good thing you snatched her up, huh?

    Roland: It's up now - see http://jennaquentin.blogspot.com/2011/10/rule-of-three-week-two.html Thanks!