Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Inspiration to Keep Fighting

I've heard more about rugby in the last couple weeks than in my entire life. My husband has started playing for our village's team. Let me sum up his bruises, abrasions, sprains and inflammations - rugby is the ultimate contact sport, in my opinion. "Football is a gentleman's game played by ruffians, and rugby is a ruffian's game played by gentlemen."

Last weekend, my hubby's Montpon team played together for the first time and lost without marking a point. This weekend, the game finished at 10-13. Yet they'll still go out there and have another match in the next couple weeks. They're fighters.

For those (*cough americans cough*) who don't know, the Rugby World Cup is about to finish in New Zealand. Next Sunday the 23rd is the final two teams are France and New Zealand, All Blacks with their terrifying warrior's warm-up, the Haka. The All Blacks have never won the World Cup, though they are thought of as one of the best teams in the world. I have to admit that I haven't see a single match of this World Cup, but with my adopted country and the All Blacks playing...it should be fun!

I was thinking about the underdog Montpon team, the talented All Blacks and their illusive World Cup...it sounds a lot like a writing career, doesn't it? Just keep fighting, just keep fighting...someday I'll be published....someday you'll be a best-selling author...so let's put that smelly jersey back on, get back on the field and fight for that supid ball!!

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  1. :) thanks for the inspiration! keep writing... i"m trying too <3