Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Inspiration from Misha

After a great and exceedingly short weekend alone with the hubby, Monday was recovery day. I recovered the bonhomme, little guy at his great-aunt's house (he threw a fit and practically told me to go away ;), recovered from two hours of driving, recovered my email inbox, recovered by doing some reading/writing/sleeping...

So today's is a lazy day post, reposted from fellow blogger/writer, Misha Gericke in South Africa. As she says, inspiration takes work. Waiting to be inspired, one can wait an awfully long wait!
"Inspiration is the picture of a completed puzzle.

"Unfortunately it's highly unlikely that the picture will be lying around the writer's writing space. It's out there.  Perhaps it's out there in a conversation you have with friends. Perhaps it's in a book. Perhaps it's in a single word graffiti'ed onto a bathroom wall (it has happened to me).

It will not come to you without you going out to get it." 

Go to her blog to read the rest. I'm curious too - where have you found odd bits of inspiration? Looking around the internet did you find an abandoned metro station for a secret lab scene? Did you see someone at a coffee shop that looked just like your character's uncle? Did your friend say some quirky thing that just made sense and inspired you to do or be or try?


  1. I always find inspiration in movement. Dance, action movies, time-lapse, whatever. Body movements inspire me. :)

  2. Inspiration happens to me in water. Ha! Even washing dishes. As long as any part of my body is in water...the ideas flow. I've never used my dishwasher.

  3. Excellent sentiment. I'd been lacking inspiration lately with the current piece, but after spending some time this morning "casting" the characters for a bloghop, I'm feeling it a bit more.