Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fourth and final week of the RULE OF THREE!!!

Today, is the end of the Rule of Three Blogfest (hosted by Damyanti @ Amloki, J.C. Martin @ Fighter Writer, Lisa Vooght @ Flash Fiction and Stuart Nager @ Tale Spinning). You can follow other bloggers' stories from links on their blogs and also on twitter under #REN3.

I want to thank everyone who stopped in to read, to comment and/or to follow this blog! I'm excited to meet so many new people, read your chic styles, get a glimpse of who you are and what you think! This has been a great exercise for me, what with the prompts giving me direction and the encouragement of others. I've really enjoyed getting Pierre, Chloé and Sandrine out of my work in progress, the Magicless, and seeing how they behave while playing with others. It's also really been good to clarify and condense the ideas behind this middle grade novel. Now I just need to finish the last 10-15,000 words! 

Here are links to the first part of the story, second part and the third part. The prompt I used is "relationships mend" and the word count is 599.

Claire was incredulous. “Uh, three has everything to do with magic. I thought that was rhetorical. Let's go for a walk; it'll be easier to show you.”

She led them across the village to a rambling cobblestone house, with heavy beams and geraniums. The smell of grilled meat with the boisterous conversation from the open windows identified it as a brasserie.

Claire swept through a crowd who'd come looking for an after-work beer and the rugby results. “Salut, Monsieur Dupont! Have you lost a kilo or two?”

The burly man blushed as a haze of navy blue light sunk into his chest. “I'm supposed to fit into my suit for the son's wedding.”

Sandrine gasped as flecks of white magic also danced around Claire. The others just stared.

The blond woman behind the bar was placing tiny cups of espresso onto a tray. “Coucou, Tante Agnès. I'll take that – which table?”

Merci, ma puce!”

When purple sparkles fluttered around the aunt and white magic again disappeared into Claire, Sandrine couldn't restrain herself. “So saying nice things and doing nice things for others makes magic?”

“That's all I need to have magic again?” Pierre was excited now.

“Three, remember?” Claire smiled and distributed the coffee. A couple of boys burst through the door. She caught one as he ran passed. “Hey, where are you going?” She tickled him as spurts of orange and white light burst around them.

She was breathless when she finally released him and plopped into a chair. “I'll explain.” Her aunt brought them tall glasses of grenadine syrup in water. “Ok, you know magic is used for three things, right? To learn, to grow and to create?”

“The rest of the world isn't completely clueless.” Chloé rolled her eyes.

Claire continued. “We make magic in three ways; with words, acts and touch. It's like showing love to that person. But it has to be the right one with the right person. It's like everyone understands a different dialect in magic. So you have to speak the one that they get or nothing happens.”

Sandrine slurped the last of her drink, then snuck a glance at Chloé, who didn't even scold her. Sandrine leaned over the table. “And the white magic? Why is our color the same?”

Claire smiled. “What do you study in Magical Theory? When you are born without magic, any magic you make and get is white.”

“So you get magic whenever you give some to people?” Pierre asked.

“No, it's more complicated than that. Only born-magicless people are like that. For everyone else, someone has to love you in your dialect for you to get any.

“Maybe it is all about three,” Chloé said. “It's weird; there's also three things that destroy magic. Greed, pride, hate.”

“It make sense though, if you equal magic with love.” Claire nodded.

Sandrine sat with her chin resting on her fist, her brain filling with important data like a departure screen at an airport. How to free her father, where to go from here, how to spread the message, how to figure out the dialect of everyone around her...then something else stood out. “Maybe the magical rule of three only works in Renaissance.”

The others stopped their conversation and stared at her. Sandrine nodded. “My mom would want love with gifts and my grandma by spending quality time with her. Thanks for everything, Claire. Let's get going, you two. There's more magic to discover...”


  1. Mmm, magic = love?
    I like that conclusion.

  2. There's a sweetness to this whole series, and the promise of a much larger story to be told. Well done.

  3. The journey really begins. Good story.

  4. Isn't that the way with life? There's always more magic to discover. Roland

  5. Totally poetic! What greater magic can there be than love? I've enjoyed reading all of your installments. Thanks for participating so I could get to know you and your writing. :)

  6. Ahh, what a sweet conclusion. I've enjoyed your characters.

    This explanation was awesome. The dialogue had a natural, conversational flow to it. Not easy to do when disclosing info. You did it well.


  7. Another beginning at the end...thanks for participating, Jenna! :)

  8. That's a wonderful end to the story! :)

  9. Love the definitions of love and magic. And the colours!

  10. I like your approach to magic. :-)

  11. Great prose and dialogue throughout. Leaving that ending open for May?