Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Versatile or not, here I come!

"Chocolate coating makes it go down easier." What film? Oatmeal and turbinado sugar muffin (healthy but so tasty) to the first to guess correctly in the comments!

Hullo to all the new people and welcome! If you haven't already, check out a bit about me on Who are you? I'm the Doctor... and find different subjects, guest posts and series of stories on Inconceivable! Index. Some of my published articles are on Published Wookiees.

For October, my blogging schedule is gonna change a bit. I am particpating in the Rule of Three Blogfest. So every Wednesday, there will be a post in a four-part story. Hurry over and join if your are interested - you have until October 3rd! I will do regular posts on Tuesdays and Saturdays talking about inspiration from my surroundings in the countryside of southwestern France, inspiring books/movies, books/movies that are examples of someone using real life as inspiration, etc.

For today, a big thank you to Judy Croome of Author on the Prowl, for nominating be for a Versatile Blogger award! She lives Johannesburg, but grew up in the Zimbabwean bush. Her stories are, of course, inspired by Africa!

To claim my award I must share 7 things about myself you may not know:

1 - I am dangerously in love with Dr.Pepper soda. It is rare and expensive in France, so I imbibe infrequently and after almost four years in this state, can usually ignore my yearnings.

2 - Writing brings me more joy and frustration than anything else. I've almost given more times than I can count. Is there such a thing as writer's PMS?

3 - I am nervous about having twins, now or in the future. My mom had twinnies when I was 17 (hi, Michael and Meghan!) and it was great fun. But I don't think it'd be as much fun with a two-year-old and a Renaud Clio (about the size of a Ford Geo Metro). 

4 - I really want to learn a third language - Spanish. After that, maybe Mandarin or Arabic. Why not?

5 - I am 3/4 vegetarian, meaning bought chicken last week for the first time in three months. I ate some sausage at a barbecue at the beginning of the month. 

6 - I first set my WIP in a fantasy country similar to Nepal, after making friends with university exchange students (who make awesome momos!). Realizing that I needed to go to my location, at least in my mind, I changed and am doing a rewrite to place the story in a futuristic and dystopian France. 
7 - I love talking through movies and learning/critiquing/analyzing the dialogue, characters, plot, timing, etc. This is probably why I have lost my taste for movie theaters - and also because the shared experience of watching with someone is lessened so much in a theater. In my opinion.

 I also have to pass this award on to new blogs I've recently discovered - be sure to check them out too!!

-Gina Dickerson on the Thanet coast in England

-Creepy Query Girl by Katie Mills in Paris

-Isis Rushdan in the UK 


  1. Thanks so much for passing on the award. I'm going to have to think about my things to share!

    I like your number 7 - I do this often but tell my son off for nattering through movies! Dr Pepper = yum!

  2. Thanks for the award! Made my day! :) I tend to criticise story structure and plot in films sometimes, or start playing director and predicting what comes next. Drives the hubster nuts!

  3. Hehe I'd say Spanish. Mandarin's a bitch. Trust me. I think Arabic will be too, because of the different writing.

    :-) Your story idea sounds interesting.

  4. Congrast on your awards and thanks for passing it on to me! I'm nervous about having twins too- my grandmother and aunt on my mom's side both had them. But I think with three girls I'm about done in the babymaking department:)

  5. I've never tasted Dr Pepper Soda. Somehow the name puts me off (as well as the fact we don't get it here!)
    Judy, South Africa

  6. Woohoo, finally someone else who loves talking through movies! Hopefully you'll learn that third language some day ;)

  7. Hey everybody! Maybe talking in movies is a writer thing...

    Gina: Mom's privilege. We get to do lots of things they don't (hehe). Hey, hands off my red wine! (ok, that'll have to wait a few more months)

    Judy: Dr.Pepper has a prune juice base (which could put you off again ;) but it really is a softer taste than Coke or Pepsi!

    Misha: Just think, with English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic, I could travel the world and always find someone to talk to!!!

  8. Congratulations on your award! It was fun getting to know more about you.

    Twins are scary. My aunt on my mom's side had two sets. At this point in my life, I'd take twins with no complaints and complete my family in one big effort :). Also, my husband and I talk through movies at home. In the theater we'll turn to each other at certain points dying to say something, but we tend to bite our tongues (tend being the key word).

    Sorry I was late in getting here to thank you for passing the award on to me. I've had a killer cold that has truly slowed me down and kept me off the computer. Thanks again!!

  9. Hah! I LOVE your #2, the writer PMS thing. Applies to blogging for me as well. Usually I'm on an even keel and enjoy both; sometimes I have a really super day and feel good about everything I wrote; once in a while I destroy a piece of writing in a fit of anger, want to throw the laptop out the window and swear I'll quit writing/blogging forever. So far, I always recover...

  10. Isis: It is true that twins would be a double reward after a pregnancy and labor!

    Li: I actually did break my laptop in a low moment - on accident. I didn't know it would really break. I guess the really low moments are when we need other writers to say "You can't give up! I wanna read the rest! If I can finish my WIP, so can you!"

    Today's quote is from the Princess Bride