Thursday, September 8, 2011

Moon Walking

"...with songs they have sung, for a thousand years.The hills fill my heart..." (What film? Yes, it's easy and random. It's what's playing on my internal MePod. Don't ask.)

I don't know how vivid your childhood memories are. Do you remember certain events, liking moving house, or a new sibling being born? At what age? Four years? Younger?

I blame my mom for expanding the memory part of my brain. As part of our curriculum, she had us memorize  poems and verses, do critical thinking exercises, etc. (Homeschooling wasn't cool in the early 1990, but boy howdy, a homeschooled five-year old in a sari reciting stanza after stanza of an Amy Carmichael poem under the capitol dome for the state representatives...that's cool.) My childhood memories remain very sharp and poignant; my mom nursing me and singing her special lullaby, the home birth of my little sister, a car wreck with my older sister bleeding onto my lap as mom went for help... But some of the daily stuff fades, especially my emotional responses to things.

Few authors can throw me back into childhood like Sharon Creech. Walk Two Moons is thirteen year-old Sal's story as she travels with her grandparents. Most of the voyage is in her heart, though. And we are there with her, feeling hurt and abandoned, misunderstood, confused. She is going to find out the truth about her mother...or does she already know and won't accept it? To our child's mind, it's the same thing.

Sharon shares a bit about her inspiration for this Newberry Award winner. It started with a manuscript she was struggling over and a fortune cookie. What? Yup, a fortune cookie. It said, "Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins." She found a new character, Salamanca Tree Hiddle, and decided she was a country girl going on a trip. The rest of the story just came as she wrote...but the old manuscript kept wanting to join in the fun. So Sharon used it as a story that Sal tells. That's letting real life inspire you, change your plot's direction...and win you awards, fame and fortune! From the fortune cookie, get it? 

What little thing is nagging at you to change, either in your life or your writing? 


  1. One of my all-time favorites - Sound of Music!!!!
    Michelle, again

    So what did I win????

  2. Since was an easy one, you can have whatever you find in the cabinet...but I'm not getting up to help you dig.