Thursday, September 22, 2011

Loving the research...

I have finally reached the climax of my work in progress...or just about. We're in Paris already, so that's a good start. To write any further, I was afraid that I would either a)have to leave major gaps until b)I could go to Paris. Or I could just wait and do b). Because even though I know Paris a bit (more than tourist/less than native), I had never been where I wanted my characters to go; an abandoned metro station.

My husband pshawed me and said there weren't any; he thought the catacombs would be a more gripping backdrop, which can easily be visited. A secret lab surrounded walls of patterned bones? It's still not out of the realm of possibility...

Anywho, this is the 21st century (at least in the real world), so I checked out what I could find on the internet. Any there's a number of closed ghost stations. Creepy cool ones.

Based on location, I chose station Champ de Mars on line 8. I found this post and pictures: Champ De Mars, Phantom Metro Station – Paris, France | , which was amazingly helpful. I even found a photo of the street-level entry. A little google-mapping and I have the exact route they'll take from station Bir-Hakeim to the old station. Hurray!

Yet, as a thorough researcher, maybe I should still check it out, I says to myself. Yet, it sounds like it's not easy to visit, at least not officially. So maybe I won't go until my list of reasons adds up a bit more. Maybe farther on in the draft I'll come up with another reasons or two...gotta keep writing!


  1. Hi Jenna .. have a lovely time in Paris - sounds like your research will be so interesting .. and has been so far .. enjoy it!

    I came over from Judy Croome's blog where she has something waiting for you .. cheers for now - Hilary

  2. How cool! I live right outside Paris so if you have any questions about the city or the way of life here, lemme know!

  3. Wow, way to research... and in Paris!

    Over from the Bloffee :) Good luck on your work-in-progress!

  4. Katie: I will definitely let you know - thanks!! And I love the Bloffee idea - I'll try to remember which morning is Friday ;)

    My French bestfriend is pregnant too and she suggested we visit the catacombs together - then we laughed at the picture we'd make going to visit a creepy tomb of millions of bones with our big tummies. Aren't pregos supposed to be out buying teddy bears and pink blankies? Not us!!!