Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Inspiration: Guest Post by Misha Gericke

Today we have a guest post! Wahoo! Misha Gericke has been creating and telling stories before she could write. When she hit the teen years, writing became an all-consuming addiction that she has no intention of kicking. You can find her at her blog, on twitter, linkedin and google plus.


What sets us writers apart from other people?

Most people would say that it’s our ability to write.

Sad to say, but… no. Any person can write a few very nice sentences. It only takes time and varying amounts of determination.

The thing that makes us writers, is our willingness to spot the flash an idea as it happens and run with it.

Interesting person… I wonder what would happen if he bumps into a priest. Oooh and then!


Hmm… Clash because of characters A and B will result in situation C… but what can I do with it?

On and on. Soon, the small thoughts that I’m sure most people have, but disregard, consume us as endless possibilities open up in our mind’s eye.

I’m a people person, so most of my past WiPs, including Doorways, started because some word or situation in a book will let a completely unrelated character into my head. But recently situations have been sparking off ideas.

Including a short story I’ll be publishing on my blog in October.

Of course, inspiration doesn’t always happen immediately. Sometimes, inspiration is a puzzle, with pieces strewn all over the place. Eventually you’ll find them all, but not by looking for them. They come to you.

But will all inspiration, the difference lies in the willingness to do something with it.

What about you? How does your inspiration work? 

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  1. My inspiration comes from looking at pictures of hot guys. I'm so shallow.

  2. My inspiration revels in its fickleness. That's why I carry a small spiral flip notebook, like a journalist, to jot down ideas, concepts, quotes or words that sparked an interest.

  3. Lol don't worry, Mike. Me too. ;-P

    Laura I also keep a book and many pens in my bags for writing. Never know when the bug will bite.

  4. My inspirations come from too many hours watching cartoons with my daughter - my mind likes to wander. ;)

  5. My inspiration usually works by showing up when I don't have paper and pen to write it down with . . .

  6. I thought it was the straight jackets that set us apart as writers ;)
    But seriously, this is a great post. And so true. It's what we do with our ideas that truly makes us writers.

  7. Hehehehe Amy my mind does that too. Sometimes some small bit of an idea can be traced back to something I saw while watching tv...

    Hahahaha Golden that's so typical! That happens to me too. On the few days I make the mistake of trying to lighten my bach by taking out my books. >_<

    Hahahaha Lynda, might be that you're right. ;-)
    Glad you enjoyed my post.

  8. I wish I knew how my inspiration worked. It usually comes at inopportune times, like right before I'm about to fall asleep!

  9. Thanks Misha for this "inspiring" post and thanks everyone for reading! It's amazing how life sparks our imagination where we are and whatever we are doing. Nobody said they were most inspired in front of their computer...hmmm.