Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Giant Gold Recreational Vehicle

"When you’re on a golden sea
You don’t need no memory
Just a place to call your own
As we drift into the zone"
(name that song/band! Lettuce salad with grated beet, tomatoes, green onions and parmesan to the first to guess it in the comments!)

A large gold RV with a large camera crew blocked the road near Arcachon, the seashore town about an hour west of Bordeaux. We wondered what film they were making, but we had an idea. A French film about a campsite in the area had been made the year before. And sure enough, not long after we heard the sequel was on its way. Would we see an obnoxiously bling-bling camping car in it?

Within the first ten minutes, we spotted not only the RV, but the spot we had seen filmed; it took three seconds of the movie, but we knew exactly where it was and that they hadn't just changed the signs to simulate being there! At one point, they climb the famous Dune de Pyla, the largest sand dune in Europe; just watching made my shins ache from memories of trudging up, up, up in the sand!

The name of the film is Camping 2. It's a little obvious that the inspiration came from the setting. The problems, conflicts and characters are ones that you can easily imagine in that setting; the man who has come to this camping site every summer for 50 years that's mad because his view has been blocked; the stuck-up city guy who needs to unwind; the crazy goof who decides to be his best friend and tries to find a girl by any means necessary; the unhappy wife who starts taking yoga with the beach guy; the camping site being sold to Spanish investors. But nobody does this kind of predictable stupid comedy as well as the French.

If you're looking for inspiration, think of the places around you that bring special memories to you. What are some ordinary, but high-traffic spots around you? It may just be a camping place of RVs, tents and bungalows that you pass by all the time, but what kinds of stories can you imagine happening there? Where there's people, there's a story!!


  1. BTW, I'm sorry you if you find the male butt shot in the clip offensive. France is very comfortable with nudity in comedy!! And in general for that matter...

  2. FAITH RUEBKE wins the yummy salad - Island in the Sun - Weezer!!!! Her theme song!!!!

  3. I've been there! I climbed that!!!!

    (Can't figure out the sign in thing but this is Michelle Ruebke!)

  4. Hurray, Faith! I thought of you actually...