Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumn Link Party starts today!

Welcome to the Autumn Link Party!!
Grab the button below! For instructions on joining in, see the original post here.

Here's my answers to the party questions. Answer them in a post on your blog and put the button as a link back here so others can join in. Check out other's blogs as they add them to the Linky tool and go say hi!

What was the first story you remember writing?
In first grade, my homeschool teacher/mom gave me a creative writing assignment: write about being stranded on a desert island. I guess I was so excited that I didn't listen to the end of the sentence, 'cause I wrote about being shipwrecked in the desert. Hard to illustrate, because I wasn't sure how the ship got there without any water. Now I've seen the film Sahara where Matthew McConaughey answers that question! 

Would you rather look for inspiration on the beach or in the mountains?
For a years, I spent a couple weeks in the summer in Dubois, Wyoming. That'll ruin you for anything but mountains!! I love the rigorous hikes, the meandering wildflower searches, romantic sunsets/sunrises, fourwheelers, going barefoot to the grocery store for ice cream, Indian decorations, evenings where there's nothing to do but challenge my dad's evil Rook record...all of it. Oddly enough, I'm pretty allergic to pine trees and sage brush, so my nose and eyes go crazy red and itchy. We took a family picture every year just in front of this lake - homesick!!!!

What is your favorite genre of book to read?
 Between middle grade fiction, like Sharon Creech, and something wild/fantastic like Jasper Fforde and Suzanne Collins.

Would you rather watch a sci-fi movie or a romantic comedy?
I'm picky on the romantic comedies; if the dialogue is pathetic, or the timing is weird (I suddenly, and for reason, love you. Even though you are still a jerk!), or the scenario is just not interesting, I'd rather not watch the mushy stuff. I really love "Hitch," "The Proposal," "Sweet Home Alabama" and "P.S. I love You." Sci-fi is hard to get wrong, however. Even if the dialogue is lousy, the scenes are in cardboard and we've all seen better aliens in real life - even when it's dumb, it's fun. And when it's well done, it's amazing. "Gattica" with Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Jude Law is one of my favorites. So my final answer is sci-fi.

Quote a line from your favorite film, book or poem
This is from Bloomability by Sharon Creech. (First Harper Trophy edition, 1999, page 133)"'Sono libero!' Guthrie shouted. 'Libero, libero, libero!' They'd ski down to where I was, shout and laugh, and then ski straight back to the lift and on up they would go again...I wanted to feel potente, too, like Guthrie, and for a moment there, as I watched him, I felt as if my little dot self was expanding. Guthrie and Kiesuke took off again for the ski lift, and I laughed and laughed, and people turned to look at me, an expanding dot laughing to herself on the mountainside."

Do you have a blog or or you more of a blog reader?
I like reading blogs and find them helpful, funny, interesting. But I really like thinking up things to say and splattering myself al over the internet. Oddly, my husband never/rarely reads it, but asks sometimes, "You didn't put that on your blog or on Facebook, did you?" He always asks questions in the negative. As if I'd tell you all about our bedroom painting fiasco!

Well, here's where you can link your blog and be signed up for the prize - Angela Cerrito's book, END OF THE LINE!. Enter your blog link, or if you don't have a blog, you can put your facebook profile page as a link - just be sure it's the link without the #! and it should go through.
Otherwise let me know and I'll help you out!!

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  1. If you don't have a blog, you can put your facebook profile page as a link - just be sure it's the link without the #! and it should go through. Otherwise let me know and I'll help you out!!