Saturday, August 27, 2011

WIP update...

"That's a silly thing to promise. If you never let anything happen to him, then nothing will ever happen to him...not much fun for little Harpo." (Guess the movie in the comments and win a blueberry bagel!)

So my work in progress, the Magicless, is progress pretty slowly. We are at the half-way mark, though.I've got to force myself to sit down and do it instead of the hundreds of other chores and fun stuff. The good thing is that I am able to think about it and brainstorm at odd moments, so I feel it is still moving forward.

It's interesting that since the story is drawn from real life, the research sometimes turns the story a bit. For instance, two characters need to hide on the TGV train from Bordeaux to Paris. I've taken that train often enough to be able to really feel in the inside, but not for a hiding place. My husband helped me find the plans to the trains and we searched. After a bit, we both decided to change the story. Hiding in plain sight, disguises. Yet how could the characters' brand of magic enhance the disguises? This is scene is the next one I need to write and I think it will be better from letting the research lead me elsewhere.

There's still things I need to check out for an upcoming scene. They are building a new bridge in Bordeaux that is only about half completed. Three characters are going to cross, with some ingenuity and of course, magic. I'd like to trace their steps from Cenon to the bridge and see exactly what they'll be up against on the dock. Bobcats? Piles of concrete? Re-bar? I can imagine, but real life details are so much richer; I've gotta go check it out.

What have you researched for a writing project that gave you a different answer than expected or that led you on a new path? How is your work in progress?


  1. Don't forget that I want to read it once you've finished! :) Oh, and I could NOT place that quote, even though I knew I had heard it. :)

    Oh, and your status awhile back made me think of this series I had just read -

    Made me rethink my own blog (which is still just sitting). Haven't come to any conclusions, but I am personally wondering if it's really something I should be focusing on right now.

    I'm NOT saying the same for you. Just thought it might give a little direction. :)

  2. Thanks - I just read her series and found it very helpful! I'm always looking to learn more and have been asking myself recently, "Self, what are you doing?" I know that it's "enough" to be the pregnant mother of a two-year-old, but I'd like to keep writing. The blog is a great outlet that I'd like to see we'll see! As for the book, I'll definitely let you know. Maybe around Christmas if I get off Facebook and can skip the afternoon nap?? ;) luvs