Saturday, August 20, 2011

Whatcha See?

What on earth is going on in this picture?

Setting: A "gîte" or furnished rental house the weekend of New Year's. A rustic farmhouse with a disturbing number of animal heads, hoof coat hangers and skin throws.

Characters: Six childhood friends and their spouses...and a one-year old. From unemployees to well-paid engineers, living from Alsace to Paris, Bordeaux to China.

Plot: Cheese fondu is a special dinner in France because it comes with a game. Anyone who drops the cube of bread of their skewer into the pot of cheese, has to do a dare. These are prepared beforehand with everyone adding a couple pieces of paper to the basket. During the meal, the fight is one to make the people around you loose, not their marbles, but their bread.Thomas lost. He drew a dare and...had to kiss the "sanglier" wild boar head on the wall.Will he submit, or tell his friends to grow up?

Resolution: Thomas gets on a chair, and as the photo proves, kissed the boar.

Moral: Beware when eating cheese fondu in France. Or at least beware of who you eat it with ;)

What story would you have put with this story? I wanna hear!


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