Tuesday, August 30, 2011


"In a town where only she, is as beautiful as me..." (what film? Honey madeleines to the first person to get it right in the comments!)

Today's post is just to prepare you for tomorrow's...which is as a guest on Jan Markley's blog, Three Dead Moths in My Mailbox! She's a Canadian author of middle grade mystery novels with a pair of twins as main characters...my ten year-old sister has pronounced them wonderful. So they are. Discover her blog and check out my post there tomorrow!


  1. MY FAVORITE DISNEY! :D Beauty and the Beast...but what is honey madeleines?

    And knowing your horror of moths (so weird) I'm looking forward to the guest post. ;)

  2. Oops! I wasn't reading that right...oh well. :) That's been one of my favorite posts you've done.

  3. Amanda: You win! Madeleines are dense honey-flavored muffins baked in molds to look like seashells. I'll send you a recipe, though they never turn out perfect for me! Still HIGHLY yummy!!!

    Angie: Thanks and hi!