Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Marley and Me and You

"Inconceivable!" "I do not think that word means what you think it means." (Can you names that film - tell me in the comments! Free carrot juice to the first person with the correct answer.)

First off, important news! On Thursday, we'll have a guest post from award-winning women's author, Deb Raney!! Looking ahead a little, on Wednesday the 31st, I will be guest blogging on Jan Markley's site, Three Dead Moths in my Mailbox.. Don't miss either of these - but especially not Deb's ;) Now for today's post.

My family has always had a dog. We haven't had much luck with them, it seems. Our small backyard wasn't suited to our Husky/wolf mix. Us kids were too young to handle the bouncy black lab. The chow/something mix went postal on the UPS delivery guy (pun intended). The lazy golden retriever watchdog with the bellowing bark got arthritis and eventually couldn't move. My parents best and current dog is a yellow lab named Ike who hangs out with another lab, Mamie (we're proud to be Kansans). Ike is a sweetie, a great country watchdog and even protected my three-year-old twin brother and sister on a winter day when they decided to walk alone to church. A neighbor found them half a mile away and, recognizing the faithful hound following them, took everybody home before the film they were supposed to watching could finish. Yet not before my mom freaked out.

There's another great and true story about a yellow lab, named Marley.

If you saw the film, you may not have picked up on the fact that Marley was a real dog. John Grogan wrote Marley and Me based off his own life. On his website he says, "At the time I had no idea our loopy, attention-deficit dog would someday provide me the inspiration to fulfill a lifelong dream of writing a book. Nor that that book, Marley & Me, would go on to become an international bestseller with some 5 million copies sold and be made into a motion picture."

He has now gone on to write a memoir called The Longest Trip Home. It shares his boyhood, meeting his wife and figuring out being an adult. I haven't yet check it out, but it's supposed to every bit as touching and hilarious as Marley and Me.

I think sometimes we wonder if anything in our life is interesting. If there's something in our story, that is shared, would touch others. I don't know. But I do know that LIFE is worth sharing. However you do in, in written form or telling the grandkids stories, pass on your experiences. Let history repeat itself in the best of ways. John Grogan enoucourages his readers to share their stories on his site. Leave a story (and a link back to it in the comments so we can read it too!)


  1. "No more rhyming. I mean it!"
    "Does anybody want a peanut?"

  2. Cacy, I would not say such things if I were you...

  3. This quote from The Princess Bride.