Thursday, August 4, 2011

History and clothes

Last week, I enjoyed some research for an eHow article, Why Did Clothing Styles Change During The Industrial Revolution. 

It was interesting to think in terms of everyday people from a past century. Why did they put on that crinoline skirt? Why did they change and wear a bustle? How did the changes in industry, change what people wore to work?

What have you been researching? Have you researched someone's real life for your writing?


  1. I used to be a costume major in college. I love looking at history though what people wore (and I'm still pretty good at spotting the period through fashion clues ;)

    I've been researching locations, specifically places with small populations, which leads to all kinds of random weird/unique places around the globe/world history tangents.

  2. Small populations like the 6 people in Muddy Gap, Wyoming? Sounds neat - I'd love to hear about some of those places!