Thursday, August 18, 2011

The greatest advice from two great authors

So this blog should be more about you. Sorry for the minor meltdown on Tuesday's post. Here's some stuff that got me up off the ground - I hope gives you wings too or at least adds some bows to your kitetail if you're up and flying!

I met James Scott Bell at a conference in North Carolina a couple years ago - great speaker, writer and very personable guy! Love his advice - I think I'll take my daily quota, which rarely happens, to a weekly.
Also, Nathan Bransford had a great post yesterday . Check it out to find his advice for writers!


  1. I took a workshop from James Scott Bell at the Surrey International Writers Conference in Surrey, British Columbia. It was great!

  2. Was it a workshop called, Writing a Novel They Can't Put Down? I took that with him - I'm actually gonna dig out my notes!!