Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do you ever question...

...what you are really doing? As in, why do you spend so much time writing? Is it really worth it? Is there any marketable product coming out of all that creative mess?

I've been wondering.

I plug away at my little eHow articles. At least I'm paid for them. I drum out 500-1000 words of my book, then don't touch it for a week. I write on this blog and have dreams of being retweeted and have millions of followers (not even joking).

Yet, if I was really professional, really dedicated, I wouldn't be writing this to you, giving you a link to How to Remove the Stitching From a Polo Shirt. I'd be doing a long informative interesting post on some example of real life writing, not this drivel. Maybe I should be focused on being a mom, instead of typing while calling up the stairs that I'll come change the 21 month-old's diaper, while my hubby calls back that he has to shower and to get off facebook.

Anywho...I wonder...what am I doing?


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