Monday, June 6, 2011

Overhead Gardens

I am in the middle of boxes as I write this, and when it posts, I will be in the countryside at my husband's aunt's house (and pool!) It seems so easier to get bogged down, to never lift up our heads and see that beauties just overhead.

I was reminded of this as we visited our downstairs neighbors. We siad something about the gorgeous rooftop garden that is our daily view. They were shocked. One floor down, they couldn't see it from their enclosed terrace, and it is invisible from the street. They trotted up the stairs to look at it, from between brown cardboard and over drying cloth diapers. The sun was setting on tile roofs, the burgandy hollhocks swayed and we could almost smell the orange trumpet vine. For over three years, they'd never seen it.

But in this case, it wasn't really the neighbors' fault. They couldn't see it. Do I take for granted the lovely things that I am given and shown, like my rooftop view? I sure hope not. I want to lift my head from the daily drudge and see the stars and the rainbows and the gardens overhead.


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