Thursday, June 2, 2011

My real life book

I was thinking the other day, that I haven't spoken of my work in progress in quite a while. People ask what I do and I reply, "I'm a stay -at-home mom and I write." They act like I just said my last name is Rowling and say they want to read one of my books. So I have to clarify that it's for magazines and websites, and I don't really make a living doing it yet. Somehow, it seems so belittling to say that I haven't finished the current revision of the book and sold it. But I really am very enthusiastic about it.

It is called The Magicless. It is set in modern France, however, everyone uses magic to grow, create and learn. Everyone is born with it, except Sandrine. She borrows magic from famiily and friends, until the day when the president commits High Misuse. Suddenly, Sandrine is no longer the only one who is magicless. Can she discover the secrets of making magic, for herself, her best friend...and her country?

I was trying to create a fantasy world, but it truly was not working. The current rewrite is to set it in France, specifically Bordeaux. I'm having fun using names of friends, a couple characters, fashion choices, streets...even our unfinished hangar of a church! Set in modern times, the dialogue is flowing so much more easily. I am trying to figure out portraying European teens, without making American readers feel excluded/unable to identify. 

What is your current work in progress?


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