Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You rock me!

A scent, a whiff, a hint of something in the air and suddenly you are a millon miles away, drenched in a memory.

A note, a rhythm, a couple of chords and you remember exactly where you were the last time you heard that song, or a special event that forever marked it as "yours." The night you graduated, the day you married, that time when the car broke down...

On hearing this song, I immediately felt hot bleachers under my scrawny bare legs, smelled funnel cakes, popcorn and peanuts, felt the touch of a mitt covered in the delusional hope of catching a foul ball and felt an urge squirt my sassy mom with water. Maybe I am the only person who thinks "family time at a baseball game" during "We Will Rock You," but that's because it's my real experience talking. 

I also heard "YMCA" recently.  It was so American and homelike that I immediately raised my arms to form the letters....then looked around and realized I was the only one in the Parisian bar who was participating. Anywho, thank you for listening and joining me in my solitary enjoyment! Be sure to tell me what song takes you back (and to where!)


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