Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Real Life Writing: The King's Speech

I jjjjjust can't get....oooooout what I......want to ssssssay.

It's not that serious though. It is just me head that is blocked, not y mouth. And my job is writing, so I just delete, rewrite and try something else. You the reader are normally spared my mind-stuttering.

But what if? What if I had a different job? What if I was born into a position which required me to speak?

King George VI was a stutterer. After the death of his father and the abdication of the throne by his brother, he found himself trapped in the throne with a tongue that wouldn't work. His is a great story.
It is the weakness of the character, with his circumstances as well as the ensuing backdrop of WWII that make it great, as well as his uncommon friendship with his speech therapist. I don't think I'd believe it if it weren't taken from real life. 
 Who do you know who is troubled by a handicap or trapped in their circumstances? Is theirs a great story? Tell us!


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