Thursday, May 5, 2011

Real Life Writing: Julie and Julia

The woman was in a dead-end job. She was feeling a void, a lack of passion, an abyss of meaninglessness. She had been hearing about blogs, she loved cooking, she adored Julia Child. She put it together and started a blog as she cooked through Julia Child's cookbook in one year.

I won't give away everything, but Julie never met her idol, Julia.

A recent film (Julie and Julia) tells the two womens' stories beautifully, but as my cousin said, "Why doesn't she get to meet her in the end?"

Well, that's real life. Sometimes things don't work out. And taking stories from real life can be a bit of a heart-break because of this fact. So do you leave the facts as they are and call it non-fiction, or do you lighten things up, shade in areas and call it fiction? What do you think?

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  1. We enjoyed the movie and although it was disappointing that she didn't get to met Julia Child, it was explained why. It also showed that her idol and inspiration was human and not the person she conjured up in her mind.

    We all tend to idolize someone who inspires us, but usually wind up seeing them for who they really are. In the end, Julie realized the most profound impact of Julia Child was how she drew Julie out of herself to pursue what she wanted and not to imitate someone else.