Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New! Things!

First off, I have new tomato and basil plants - rejoice! Just need to get some bell peppers and lemon vervaine and the balcony will be completely covered. Chives and oregano would be great too...guess I'll have to find more space, which leads to number two...
We will be moving at the end of the month to a HOUSE in a VILLAGE. I am no longer going to be a city apartment girl! This means I'm only going to try to blog Tuesdays and Thursdays and if I forget, you forgive.
Third, a new article published through Demand Media Studios - check out Simple Church Skits For Young Children.  Also, I have a couple things published by Textbroker.com, but I haven't gotten links yet. I want to start working more for these sites...it's nice to be paid for writing, even if it isn't for my book. Speaking of which, I think we'll talk about that on Thursday...

So what's new in your life?


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