Monday, May 16, 2011

A little too real life...

So real life, in the form of a Blogger melt-down, got in the way of me posting Thursday.

Real life in the form of a weekend trip to Paris for a bachelorette party got in the way on Saturday.

Today will just be a little snapshot from the airport in Wichita, Kansas. As people came of the jetway, a family was waiting, cameras ready. "That's odd that they let them through to the gate," I thought.

Suddenly, a four-year-old girl shot past everyone, screaming, "Daddy!" A tall man in fatigues scooped her up. She clung to him like a little spider monkey.

As jaded tired people around the gate began to notice, the applause rose for the serviceman who had left his family for his country's sake. I hope they were reunited indefinetely and that it wasn't just a visit!

My fellow blogger and the author of my ten-year-old sister's new favorite books, Jan Markley, has a great post on real life too. Be sure to check it out!


  1. Hi Jenna. Thanks for the cross posting. Glad to hear your sis likes my books!

  2. Nice. I love hearing stories like that. Hope you had a blast at the bachelorette pary!

  3. Oui, we had a great time - among the things I took note of: Taking a pretty pair of shoes as well as a practical pair was worth it(you walk a lot in Paris.) Eating on a boat under Notre Dame was wonderful, but chilly (wear leggings!) Hammams and saunas are proof that God loves us ;)

  4. Jan: She read the first one in under 48 hours and was so tickled to already have the second one. Without even planning it, my parents had given her loads of spy stuff for her birthday too!!!