Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stereotypical characters creating controversy...

Following last weeks post on stereotypes, I thought about these words: a scout is truthful...a scout is brave...a scout is courteous...a scout is reverent.

Be prepared, do a good turn daily.

But what if the scout messes up? Sounds like the start of a plot. Wait, let's complicate things. Let's make him an Eagle, the highest award in scouting, following in the nole footsteps of some of the ntaion and world's finest leaders. He is also the only son of a large family of sisters. Yet he is a teenage boy, who sometimes messes up. Hmmm, sounds like a story. The stereotypical Boy Scout, who struggles, just like me.

What about the pastor who sins horribly, the prostitute who turns can we use these stereotypes against themselves, to have greater, stronger people in the end?


  1. Seems that is how the Lord often works - He is Sovereign yet allows us to make decisions, often times in direct conflict with His Will. Do we learn from our mistakes? Grow? Move on? Learn?

  2. I sure hope we are learning!! I don't want to stay in kindergarten forever!!