Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nature taking back its own... do apologize for forgetting to blog on Tuesday. I trust your lives continued as normal. If you'll get up with my teething toddler, I promise to blog without fail. Today's blog is still about noticing things around us and applying it to writing. However, it focuses more on seeing what is behind what we see - got it?

Our street is an oxymoron. On one side are sandstone buildings several centuries old; on the other, horrible modern constructions. Check it out on this little video:
Just when I thought the newest government housing building couldn't get uglier, somebody sprayed it with graffiti! Somehow, it seemed appropriate. If it's a jungle out there, this is what happens in the city. The jungle claims it, "This ugly thing belongs here, it belongs to us." Or is it the people silently revolting? "This thing is so ugly, graffiti could only make it better!" They don't tag the old building, so maybe that's it.

This idea reminded me of seeing the castle at Heidelberg, Germany. Through many rulers and several wars, the castle has fallen into ruin. There is one tower that was used to store gunpowder in the original fortifications. It was exploded in 1693 by the French army, causing the outer wall to slide down so you can see a cross-section of the tower.

Over the years, nature has once again taken over, with little mosses and trees. Is it trying to cover the ugliness of war? Is it it trying to take over the castle, proving itself stronger than all the dead kings and emperors? Is nature lovingly making something beautiful out of man's fallen construction?

What is behind what we see?

Is the covering something up bad? In the Biblical book of first Peter, it says, "love covers over a multitude of sins." Do we see a lot of moss that needs to be cleaned off with some weed killer, some graffiti that should be scrubbed off during someone's community service time? What do we see? Do we pause long enough to understand what is going on behind what we see?


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