Sunday, April 3, 2011

French grocery shopping

I didn't forget ya'll yesterday, just didn't seem to get to writing a post!

I went grocery shopping IN THE CAR!!! You will never realize what a luxury that is until you carry pounds of potatoes, pounds of carrots, bread, lettuce, the baby, the backpack for a 15 minute walk home. Joys of the city. I loaded up a cart at Leaderprice the equivalent of a Food4Less or Aldis, with staples for the month. We have enough bananas for the week!!

Then we went as a family to Auchan, the equivalent of Walmart. We were talking about the differences though. The smaller rows, the African guy doing a food-tasting display with loud music, the fish vendors yelling, everyone with strollers, the huge wine section, the glorious 360° cheese counter, the multiple rows of even just smells different than Wally World. Neither one is better or worse - there are things you can find in one (like KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce or corn on the cob) that are not to be found in the other (just try looking for Langrè or a Tome de Savoie!!! I'll give you a hint: they're cheese!).

Anywho, it's interesting how basic things like getting groceries change from country to country. How do you do groceries?


  1. Did you have to drive on the 'wrong side of the road'? I love the sound of that 360 cheese counter!

  2. No, we drive on the right side, but it is stick-shift with soupe-au-lait French drivers! (Milk soup, meaning they get hot and burn fast!!)

  3. Y'all? I thought you were in Paris and not the "South" of France. :)

  4. Shawn: I be a cowgirl from Kansas - I says ya'll!! And now I am leaving in Bordeaux, in the south-west of France. But "ya'll" isn't in their lingo; the Bordeauxlais say "gavé bien" when something is good, which is from the verb to force feed a goose until it's stuffed!