Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Real Life Writing: Cinderella Man

Heads up! On Thursday, we have a guest post here by Angela Cerrito! And on Friday, I will be guest posting on Misha Gericke's blog. Be sure to check it out!

Also, I hope you will share in my rejoicing that I finally got that really black "transparent" background off my grass picture!And now this Tuesday's real life writing post...
We all go through hard times. Financially difficult, emotionally stressful, mentally draining, physically impossible. We look around for help, for inspiration, for a lucky break, for someone to tells us, "this too will pass."

It doesn't come. Things get worse. We struggle, fighting for every step, yet not backing down.

Like many people during the Great Depression, Jim Braddock was faced with sending his children away, letting them starve or fighting. He wasn't trying to be a hero or someone people could look up to - he was trying to earn enough money to buy milk for his children. Yet when his desperation and perserverance started winning him boxing matches, people found hope and courage in his story. If someone else was conquering, punching out the odds, why couldn't they do it too?

And that's how real life stories work. Their truth convinces us of our own capabilities. Even if it's eighty years later. Another father out of work needs encouragement. He turns on a DVD; Russell Crowe playing Jim Braddock throws the punches the young father would so like to throw at life. The struggle, the victory, the happy family; both stories end well. 

Not all great stories are biographies. However, a grain of truth, a scene, a character, an incredible event...would we believe it could happen like that if it wasn't real? I believe God writes the best stories, and He always knows how they will end.

Has someone's life story encouraged you?


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