Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guest Post: Shawn Lamb

This Thursday our guest author is Shawn Lamb! She is an award winning writer who once wrote for children's television. Her blog is addressing a different topic each month about the writing and the publishing industry; be sure to check her posts along with her guests! HEIR APPARENT, the third book in her Allon series, just came out this spring and is published by Creation House. Today, instead of looking at our world, she gives us a look at the world of Allon through one of her character's eyes.

 Interview with an Immortal

ARMUS: Unfortunately, Captain Kell is unable to be here so he sent me
instead. I’m Lieutenant Armus, Second-in-command of the Guardians.

Q: How tall are you? And are all Guardians as tall and large, I mean
muscular, as you, Lieutenant?

ARMUS: (chuckles) I’m seven-and-a half feet by standard measure.
Some warriors are as brawny as me while others are leaner in build.
The rest of the Guardians only reach about seven feet.

Q: Other Guardians?

ARMUS: There are different casts depending upon the task for which
we are created. Warriors are the strongest since our chief responsibility
is to protect mortals. There are rangers, who protect and aid the forest
and creatures; archers, vassals and even scholars to help deal with legal

Q: Impressive, but how were you created?

ARMUS: By Jor’el, the Almighty of Allon. He placed us in physical bodies
to aid mortals. I looked the same over two thousand years ago.

Q: Two thousand? How long do Guardians live? Do you die?

ARMUS: We’re meant to be immortal. We don’t die in the moral sense.
When are physical bodies cease to exist our spirit goes back to the
heavenlies from where we came.

Q: How is that different than mortals who die?

ARMUS: Mortal bodies are buried; our physical bodies vanish while our
spirits return to our prior existence in the heavenlies.

Q: Do you like your physical existence?

ARMUS: Very much. It allows for ease of interacting with mortals and
enjoying the beauty that is Allon.

Q: Do you have a favorite place?

ARMUS: Each of the Twelve Provinces has a uniqueness all its own.
The Delta is known for warm, healing spas while the Meadowlands
and Midessex are the heartland, possessing a variety of landscape.
But perhaps my favorite place is the Highlands. On a clear day, it’s as
if you can see the entire country from snow cover peaks to the Delta
marshland. That is one of things we were sent to protect, the beauty that
is Allon.

Q: From mortals?

ARMUS: No. The Dark Way, which seeks to destroy Guardians and
mortals alike. Jor’el sent us to protect and stop him.

Q: He? The Dark Way is a person?

ARMUS: The Dark Way is a counterfeit started by Dagar, a powerful
Guardian, who betrayed us and took other Guardians with him. He seeks
to dominate the mortals, pollute Allon and destroy those of us who
remain loyal.

Q: Can you and the others stop him?

ARMUS: We’re willing to risk our existence to do so.

Q: Why? If you are immortal and return to the heavenlies when
vanquished, why risk your physical existence?

ARMUS: For love and duty. Although mortals can be fickle and
frustrating creatures at times, many are dear souls, a few becoming
special to Guardians. But we don’t let that interfere with our duty since
marriage or any relation beside platonic is forbidden.

Q: So you share the same emotions as mortals?

ARMUS: Of course. We’re hardly impassive. However, logic, duty and
honor guide us where mortals tend toward impulsive and reckless
behavior basesd upon emotions. I do enjoy their cooking and learned to
master the culinary art.

Q: Cooking? I’m sure you eat a lot to maintain your size.

ARMUS: No, food is unnecessary to Guardians, but in our close
association with mortals we share knowledge and partake of mutual
activities. Oh, you’ll have to excuse me, Kell calls.

Q: I didn’t hear anything.

ARMUS: We can sense each other’s spirit, or thoughts for
communication over distance.

Q: Thank you, Lieutenant, it’s been a pleasure.

Do you have a fictional character with whom you'd love to talk? Or a fictional place that you'd love to visit? 


  1. Thanks, Jenna. This was fun to do. :)

  2. Thanks again, Shawn! Book one just came in the mail today - this really whet my appetite!