Monday, February 21, 2011

Notes of Inspiration I

I realized that I have talked about stories found in public transportation, in films, from situations around us, in travels...but I haven't done anything about music! So here is the first.

Do you ever hear a soundtrack that you like better than the movie? My parents didn't care for the film "O Brother Where Art Thou," but I think they bought the soundtrack the same night they saw it.

Now, I love the movie "Dan in Real Life," but I adore the music by Sondre Lerche. I'd call it soft jazz; just soft enough to not disturb me, just jazzy enough to not bore me. My little sister, Melissa, and I used to turn on that CD every day as we did our hair and makeup. We worked at the same dental office (I was a receptionist and she was a dental assitant in training) and neither of us are morning people. Sondre carried us through that hard first hour of waking up.

There's one song on that track, called "To Be Surprised." My dad says that song makes him think of my sister Melissa. There's a reason we called her the brat-child; her strong will, bubbly personality and enormous heart give her family some surprises! I think that when my dad wraps his arms around her, every mistake he feels he has made, or that she has made, does crumbles, as Sondre says. Not every surprise is a good one, but isn't it a delight to have something good come that you din't even expect?

Right now, Meissa is in Sierra Leone. She has taken her dental assitant act to Africa, to help people dying from their toothaches. I think she has surprised herself too. A couple years ago, she didn't think she was capable of all the things she is now doing. Baby, be prepared to be surprised!

I love how music explains what we are feeling, reminds us, comforts us. Is there a song that inspires you? What is the story behind the songs you like? Wanna write about it?


  1. I write while listening to soundtracks. In fact, I pick a particular track to 'score' the scene I'm writing. Since I wrote t.v. scripts before being published, my style is cinematic, so music is natural in helping me create the mood - whether a rousing heroic theme, action, battle, danger, intrigue, poignant, etc.

  2. I love music when I write. Every song has a different meaning when I look at it through my characters' eyes.


  3. I like listening to songs in other languages when I'm writing if my brain is in an easily distracted mode. I usually don't connect specific songs to anything while I'm writing, but one big exception is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The way their music is sometimes crazy out-of-control and sometimes sounds vulnerable really makes me think of one my characters.

  4. I always need some noise, especially to do critical thinking, but I'm not pickyas to the music. I think it comes from being the second-born of ten and years of doing math whil everyone was running around me! Thanks for sharing all of your muscial inspiration!!!